Exporting Data

SwiftCloud’s new structure is designed to work your way and provide a structure to interface with your clients.

SwiftCloud 2.0 allows for your logo and colors, and is designed to be installed on your domain.

Just some of the recommended subdomains you can set up – any or all – include:

  • Connect.YourDomain.com or Messages.YourDomain.com or Portal.YourDomain.com // general customer portal
  • Docs.YourDomain.com // used for proposals, invoices, e-signatures…
  • Apply.YourDomain.com // for advanced applications where the user may wish to resume – i.e. a mortgage application
  • Jobs.YourDomain.com // job application system
  • Clients.YourDomain.com // customer communication portal
  • Calendar.YourDomain.com // self scheduling / calendar / appointments tool
  • Projects.YourDomain.com // ties to SwiftTasks / SwiftHelpdesk … or Helpdesk.YourDomain.com or Support.YourDomain.com
  • Sales.YourDomain.com or Quotes.YourDomain.com // ties to SwiftCRM
  • Accounting.YourDomain.com or Payments.YourDomain.com or Invoices.YourDomain.com // ties to SwiftBooks accounting
  • Checkout.YourDomain.com or Shop.YourDomain.com or Account.YourDomain.com // connects to e-commerce system
  • Learning.YourDomain.com or Academy.YourDomain.com // to connect to SwiftAcademy.com

Note you can also iframe-mask a page if you prefer not to use a subdomain.

We hope this helped - but if not, drop us a line and we'll update this article.